Richard Allen offers a wide variety of firearm training programs and classes to teach both the novice and the experienced firearms enthusiast. Please call 702-370-2192 for class availability.

Richard’s Certifications Include:

• NRA-Certified CCW Instructor • Chief Range Safety Officer • Personal Protection Instructor (inside and outside the home) • Basic and Advanced Pistol Instructor
• Basic Rifle and Shotgun Instructor • Can qualify retired police officers for HR-218s and renew CCW certifications • Certified and approved by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to teach and certify individuals for Carrying Concealed Weapons (CCWs)

Richard Allen is a very thorough instructor, and enjoys both tactical training and recreational shooting. If you aren’t sure about the Clark County laws with relation to firearms, he’ll be glad to take the time to answer your questions.

Also, if you are considering purchasing a new firearm and would like advice from an experienced marksman and gun enthusiast, Richard can shed some light on the pros and cons of individual firearms, and their intended purposes.

You can contact Richard at 702-370-2192 or by email.

Firearms Training Courses:

BHO (Basic Handgun Orientation) Classes – $90 per person

Call 702-370-2192 or email for more info

Required for all new students with limited or no experience using handguns before applying for CCW course

The Basic Handgun Orientation Course is designed to train someone who is inexperienced with handguns to become confident and proficient with the handgun(s) of their choice. In the classroom, they will learn techniques for stance/position, grip, breath control, sight alignment, trigger squeeze/control, and follow-through. In addition, students will learn to disassemble and assemble their handgun(s) for cleaning and maintenance, proper firearm etiquette, loading and unloading magazines, and various methods to clear different levels and types of handgun malfunctions quickly and confidently. After classroom time, students will spend 30 minutes or more on a firearm range with the handgun(s) they own (students without a handgun may rent one). I will work with and train the student so they will be proficient enough with their handgun(s) to take and qualify in a Nevada CCW Firearms Course for Concealed Carry.

CCW Training Classes – Private group classes start at $125, private one-on-one classes start at $150 (renewals also available) – On-Location classes available for groups of 4 or more

Now conducting group CCW Classes every Saturday beginning April 22, 2017! The price for the 8-hour INITIAL Class will be $100 per person. Renewal students will be $75 for a 4-hour class. Both classes include range time. Call 702-370-2192 to schedule

Call 702-370-2192 or email for more info

CCW Training Course provides thorough up-to-date instruction relevant to current Clark County laws for concealed firearm carry, and includes:

Proper Handling, Presentation, Stance & Maintenance of Your Firearm

Proper Methods of Carrying Concealed Weapons

Laws and Legal Ramifications Pertaining to Concealed Carry in Your State

When & How to Use Your Concealed Weapon

Qualification with your firearm(s) at 3, 5 and 7 yards: Qualifications take place at a state-of-the-art indoor range facility in the Las Vegas area

Includes CCW packets for both Nevada and Florida

Upon completion of this 1-day, 6-8 hour course, you will receive all paperwork & certificates necessary to file with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in order to receive your CCW permit to carry. On-Location CCW classes are now available for groups of 4 or more individuals. Richard will come to your location, including office, home, etc., and provide the same quality training and information as those who attend at his Henderson location.

Personal Protection Outside the Home, Basic + Advanced – $350, 2-3 day course (Basic class may be taken separately for $175)

Call 702-370-2192 or email for more info

1st day (Basic): Classroom, 6-8 hours depending on number of students

Classroom time will include:

Concealed carry safety and the defensive mindset

Self defense and concealed carry

Legal aspects of concealed carry and self defense

Carry modes and concealment

Presenting the handgun from concealment

Presentation, position and movement

2nd day (Advanced): Outdoors – 4-8 hours depending on number of students

Outside course will include application of all that is learned in the classroom, especially practical application of presenting the handgun and presentation, position and movement, plus the following:

Special shooting techniques for outdoors

Multiple attacker situations

Shooting while kneeling

Shooting with weak hand/hands

Shooting flat on the ground

Shooting around barriers

Shooting in low light conditions

Learning to shoot on the move

Various methods of taking cover and advantage of natural barriers

Individual scenarios for each student

At the beginning of the class, each student will receive an “NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home” spiral-bound book. Upon completion of the 1st day in classroom and the assigned test at the end of the 1st day, each student will receive an NRA certificate for the Basic Personal Protection Outside the Home Course. Upon completion of the 2nd day of the course, on the 3rd day students will meet for approx. 2 hours for a review of the past two days, after which they will receive an NRA certificate for the Advanced Personal Protection Outside the Home Course.

Advanced Pistol Training – from $55/hour

Call 702-370-2192 or email for more info

Gunsmithing/Trigger Modifications

Richard has vast experience with many firearms, and can both suggest and carry out repairs and modifications to firearms, from the slide action to the trigger. Most straight-from-the-factory firearms could use a few tweaks, and Richard excels at performing those modifications to give you a better feel and a more accurate shot.

If you need minor gunsmithing work (sight installation, trigger adjustments, minor Glock and 1911 repairs), please contact Richard at 702-370-2192, or by email.

And for all your AR-15 needs, Rick is also a certified armorer for all AR-15/M-16 style rifles, and can accommodate anything from a minor trigger job to complete assembly of an entire rifle.